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1st Session Cheap

There's No Catch.

You can play your first full session (typically 15 weeks) for as little as $75. As sweet as we’ve made this deal, we promise there’s nothing you’re missing. It’s simple — meet our reasonable requirements below and you’re good to go. We’d like to introduce our brand to new players and grow our player pool. We value your hard work, patronage and loyalty in that venture.


• Agree to become an NOVA BCAPL ambassador.
• You don’t need to become captain a team to qualify for this offer.
• Share the URL for our website and ask that new players get acquainted with us.
• Ensure that 4 or more players purchase an Annual Membership ($25 per player).
• New players can join any team at any of our venues — they don’t need to play with you.
• Another option is to obtain a sponsor who offers a $100 contribution to NOVA BCAPL.
• Upon completion of either payment path, you play “damn near free.”
• Pay a flat $5 Greens Fee (50% off) any time you shoot during your first session.
• $25 Annual Membership is deferred until the following session for new member ambassadors.


Visit the Download tab for:
• Membership Application (2up PDF) — complete and submit to the league rep.
• BCAPL Scoring Packet — learn how performance is measured/tallied.
• BCAPL Rulebook — understand the format and in-game expectations.
• NOVA BCAPL Starter Kit (new edition forthcoming) — for more information.

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