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Fargo Ratings

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Worldwide Player Ratings

FargoRate LLC is a U.S. limited liability company that works in conjunction with CSI (Cue Sports International, the parent company of BCAPL) to develop and maintain a live, robust, worldwide system of pocket billiard player ratings. These are called Fargo Ratings. They are used to determine fair player and team groupings at BCAPL Nationals and many regional events.

One Scale for Pros/Ams

The system rates amateur and professional players worldwide on the same scale. By coupling game win/loss data across local leagues, regions, countries, and continents, FargoRate rates players everywhere on the same scale: a Fargo Rating of 620 means the same thing in Halifax, Nova Scotia as it does in Christchurch, New Zealand as it does in Phoenix, Arizona. Fargo Ratings are as useful for handicapping a small-town league as they are determining top players by country.


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