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Player Average

What Is It?

Player Average (PA for short) provides a healthy way to compare your performance on the previous rack(s) vs. your average score going into a match. It’s a self improvement tool that shows you whether you broke even (matched your typical performance) or played better or worse for the night. It’s perhaps the simplest reminder that your opponent is irrelevant in billiard games. When you’re at the table, it’s you and the balls — and how well you hit them.

What It Represents

Once two weeks of scores enter the system, you receive a player average (PA). This statistic is your total points scored divided by the number of racks you’ve played. For each game in which you compete (8 Ball, 10 Ball. etc.), you’ll generally have a different PA. Very few players are equally comfortable and competent across different games.

Keeping It Fresh

Player average can change multiple times in a session, based on your recent performance. Established players see their last 100 racks factored. For players with less than two matches played in a game (8 Ball, 10 Ball, etc.), each rack score is your player average. There aren’t enough scores yet to know how you play — so we don’t yet look to weigh performance against any norms, nor do we provide any benefit that would be unfair to opponents.

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