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Why BCA?

Something for Everyone

NOVA BCAPL welcomes, engages, and accommodates all types of pool players — from those who are young in the game to established amateurs. Even pros are eligible!

First Time Pool Leaguer?

• Hump Day made exciting, starting at just $10.
• A change-of-pace happy hour between friends.
• Something new for active couples — join a team together!
• Great team-building activity for businesses and organizations.
• Further develop life skills — concentration, composure, strategy, and more.
• A breezy, efficient evening respects even the most challenging of schedules.
• Work late if you must, avoid rush hour traffic and still arrive to compete.
• Call it an early night (matches tend to end by 10:30pm) and get home to loved ones.
• Meeting new people made easier for introverts — just shoot a rack of pool together!
• Improve your knowledge and skill at a great American game by playing solid players.
• Enjoy free lessons from your teammates and opponents in the league.
• Experience the joy of trying, improving, competing and winning.
• Earn cash prizes toward a trip to Las Vegas (for two teams each year).

APA, TAP or Other Leaguer?

• No HC Limit for Teams — Play with whomever you’d like, for as long as you’d like.
• No Conflicts of Interest — Your success won’t hurt the team’s ability to compete.
• Compete vs. Higher Level Players — (pros and “super 7s” are welcomed).
• 2s, 3s and 4s Shoot More Pool — 7 racks vs. 3 through 6 racks per match.
• More Formats — select from women’s or mixed teams, singles or scotch doubles.
• Interactive — shoot one rack against each of five opposing players (socialize!)
• Breezy – 2.5 hour team matches, two tables used, less waiting, no epic evenings.
• Cheap for Ambassadors — recruit 3 players and play “damn near free” first session!
• Las Vegas Direct — No LVQ process, any member can go straight to Nationals.
• Quality-first — Cyclop balls, Brunswick Gold Crown tables, Simonis felt.
• Pro-style play — rack your own, open on break, call pocket, no slop, etc.
• Promotion of sportsmanship — and zero tolerance for sandbagging or sharking.
• Cash prizes — We reward top finishers with money toward the BCAPL Nationals.
• Professional photography, videography and website design — at reduced rates.

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