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1st Night Free


As a courtesy to all players curious about NOVA BCAPL membership, your first night will be free of charge. That’s no membership dues or greens fee due for your initial match.

No Obligation

When we introduce you to a team who needs a player for the night, there’s no obligation for either party to stick with the arrangement. Play the match, see if you like it and help the team. Once you shoot your second match, the player and his/her team are both committing to the roster addition for the remainder of the current session. While we very much believe in flexibility, we can’t allow new players to hop between teams. Look at it from an opposing team’s perspective. They’re going to feel like the hopping player is a “ringer.” It could promote a bad vibe around the match (one that we should all like to avoid). Again, let’s not turn a good thing (our overall commitment to flexibility) into something that encourages drama.

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